9D VR Chair 3rd Generation

(2 seater) 2x Performance in 3rd Generation

Based on 3 DOF motion platform with various special effects, making the experiences to have real feeling of movies and games, back vibration, leg sweep, air jet, speaker, shooting, 3D motion, panorama. Over 100 experiences. The time of each experience varies from 3 minutes to 7 minutes. The experiences varies from Gummy Bear, Rollercoaster, Ghost, Ocean, Dinosaur World, Mountains, Flights, Views from different places and Countries, Space, Shooting, etc. The egg chair has vibrations, air jet, movement, leg sweep and a 3D surround sound system.

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Ultimate extreme experience VR 360 Motion Chair in the market . Exciting and real feeling in roller coaster, the space games and other virtual reality games, bringing more real virtual reality experience feel. Over 20 experiences. Each experience has different times (5 minutes, 6 minutes, 7 minutes) .

The 360 degree simulator has experience rides but also shooting where you need to accumulate many points in the same time with 360 degree movement.

Games Available + More!